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Banner Manager

The Banner Manager allows a company to place an unlimited number of banner advertisements on their site. These banner ads can be tracked and results provided to advertisers. Advertisers can be provided with their own login to view their results. Ads can be selected to take visitors to additional information pages on or off the main site. Banners can be rotated and multiple banners can be placed on a single page. Watch Video   Download PDF manual

Campaign Manager (Personalized URLs)
Sometimes referred to as a PURL (personalized URL) generator application. This application allows a company to create customized pages with merged unique content based on each user’s personalized URL.  
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Classifieds Manager
This module allows a company to place classified ads on their site. Ads can be placed by site visitors and approved by the site administrator or created from the admin panel only.   Watch Video   Download PDF manual

Content Rotator
With the image rotator you can place rotating graphics on the website. This could serve as a mini-slide show which enhances the aesthetics of the website or can be used to link to more detailed images or pages.  Possible uses of the Content Rotators could be promotional specials or company events with links to additional information pages.
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Document Management System
This module can be used in conjunction with or as a standalone document management repository. There can be several levels of user access allowing for a public area where documents are available to the general population (commonly known as public domain documents). These documents can be categorized and versioned for easy retrieval. In addition or exclusively, there can be password controlled access at the document or folder level allowing for both internal limited access and external (public domain) use. Each department could have limited access to its documents separately from other departments and still provide for a central location of critical files and documents.  

Elegant Image Gallery
The Elegant Image Gallery is an easy way to organize photos into unique galleries showcasing thumbnail images that enlarge upon mousover. Each gallery can display up to 12 images and each image can be linked to a webpage, file or product details page. Create an unlimited number of galleries and place them on any page of your website.
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Event Registration Module (Requires Shopping Cart)
This module is an add on to the Shopping Cart and allows you to sell tickets to upcoming events. The administrator can limit the quantity of seats available and when those have sold out, a waiting list can be formed. Each event will be listed on a calendar with the start and end date/time, link to Google Map and registration form.  
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Event Calendar
The event calendar makes publishing upcoming events a breeze. The website administrator can create an unlimited number of events and event categories that can be searched on the frontend. Website users can also submit events which, once approved, will appear side by side with the other events on the calendar.  
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FAQ Manager
This interactive module allows the site visitors to search FAQs for responses to common questions and also allows them to ask a question through an interactive form if they cannot find what they are looking for. Answers to submitted questions can be posted on the site for all to see or responded to directly. Questions can be categorized to make searching easier!  
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Form Builder
The Form Builder allows your company to create an unlimited number of forms and add these forms to any page on the site. This could be a feedback form, contact us form, reservation, information request form and/or an employment form with the option to upload a resume. Data entered into the forms would be emailed to the administrator and be available in a database that can be exported to Excel® for further analysis when required.  
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This application allows a company to set up various departments and allows interaction between various departments and end-users. Forums can also be used to allow users to help each other answer and communicate about questions and concerns in a public or semi-public forum. This application is designed as a standalone application.  

Mailer Lite
This module is a simple web-based email marketing system which provides the basic features to keep in constant communication with your prospective clients and current customers. The Mailer Lite is the simple and easy-to-use little brother of the ProFusion Mailer. Because it uses the same editor as the Ultra IS, you already know how to use it. Download PDF manual

This is an email marketing application for sending sequential auto-responders and date relevant messages – i.e. a message to subscribers prepared in advance announcing "Don’t forget to file your taxes before April 15” scheduled to be sent on the 10th of April each year. Mailer includes a number of standard modifiable templates and the ability to create your own template. Subscription forms, A/B testing, double-opt-in messages, auto-responder messages, notifications based on a specific sequence, bounce message processing and auto-unsubscribe links are all included.

Membership Module
The membership manager function would allow a company, organization or association to set up a searchable database of members. Members are given a login and are able to update their membership information in real time. This module can be used in conjunction with the EZ Cart to allow for subscription payment and expiry notifications.   
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The Mini-site module allows mini-websites to be created and assigned to users to manage with their own administrative user name and passwords. Each mini-site has its own 6 page navigation, editable header region and content files.  Great for separate divisions within the same company, associations, franchises, etc.   
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Multi-User Admin
This functionality allows a company to add an unlimited number of Administrative users with various and controlled levels of access.    
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News Manager
This module allows a company to post news articles based on department or various topic interests. These news articles can be archived and searched and they can have RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds so that users who are interested in specific news topics can be notified when a new relevant article is posted.  
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Scroller Image Gallery
The Scroller Gallery is a sleek way to organize a group of photos. The user can scroll through the photos using the next and previous arrows. The gallery can contain an up to 12 images that can be changed at any time and linked to other pages on or off the site.   
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Section Page Manager
This module allows one to change the footer or vertical column section content on a page by page basis. Every page takes on the content from the primary section page content unless changed for the specific page.
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Secure User Module
This module allows a company to provide access to restricted pages and areas of the website based on user’s permission levels.
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Shopping Cart
The Cart allows quick and easy set up of products for online sales. The cart can be configured easily to allow credit card payments and can integrate with UPS or USPS real time shipping for quick and accurate shipping prices.   

Slideshow Gallery
The slide show gallery allows an administrator to upload any number of images in both landscape and portrait format and have them display in their proper orientation without having to crop or resize the images. Create an unlimited number of galleries that play in a slideshow rotation when opened full size.  
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Survey Manager
Create single question polls or multiple question surveys with rating scales and comment boxes using the Survey Manager. Surveys can have a start and end date and unique rules as to number of responses, viewable results, etc. can be set by the Admin when creating the Poll/Survey. 
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Tab Menu
This application allows a user to create an unlimited number of 1-5 tabbed section pages where content can be placed using the editor. Selecting one of the tabs presents the information contained in that tab. This is a great way to provide product specification information, images, and general content confined to a smaller foot-print on any page.   Watch Video   Download PDF manual

Testimonials Manager
This module provides a place for customers/client/fans to make comments about their experiences with your company. User posted testimonials are editable by the Admin and can be approved prior to posting.     
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Unique Header Images on all Pages
This upgrade (available on the PRO only) allows you to change the header graphic on all pages of your site (as opposed to just the main pages).  

WordPress Blog
This is the defacto-standard and most universally recommended Blog application. This application can be hosted for free when added as part of a complete web solution with hosting package. Custom skins can be applied to coordinate the primary website with the blog.   

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